Mission & Values

Mitchell Veterinary Hospital’s Mission is to promote and support safe, loving, long-term relationships between people and companion animals by providing a continuum of services and programs that are innovative, personalized and of high quality.


Our Values

Relationship.  We believe that a loving relationship with a companion animal is enriching, promotes health and well-being, and brings joy to everyday life. 

Safe, Caring Environments.  We believe that every dog and cat deserves to live in a safe, loving and suitable home.

Respect for Animals as Members of the Community.  We believe that companion animals are important, contributing members of families and the community and should be accepted and respected as such.

Information Sharing and Education.  We believe that people should have easy access to adequate information, resources, and other services to support the health, behavior and their enjoyment of their cats and dogs throughout their lifetime.

Continuous Improvement and Personal Service.  We believe in developing personalized services and high quality programs through effective, continuous improvement and leadership.

Honesty and Consideration.  We believe in acting with honesty, care, and consideration in the workplace and in everything we do.


At Mitchell Veterinary Hospital, our primary responsibility is to help each and every person be a caring and knowledgeable pet parent.  Listening to client wishes is the cornerstone of Mitchell Veterinary Hospital’s business philosophy.  Keeping the basis in mind, this practice concentrates on two key elements:  staffing and client/patient care.  These are the main ingredients in our complete circle of care.


Good communication is vital to providing superb client services and patient care.  Mitchell Veterinary Hospital offers a warm, comfortable and compassionate atmosphere so clients and four-legged, furry patients are surrounded with the best care.  Whether it’s a routine visit or a more complex matter- the entire staff at MVH addressess each case as if treating their own pet.